I love to write. I actually consider writing to be my “native” language and have written about that in the past. Unfortunately, I do not have a comprehensive collection of all of my writing through the years, but I have been making more of an effort to keep track of more recent writing.


Along with Lydia Brown and E. Ashkenazy, I am a co-editor (as well as contributing author) of a book entitled, “All the Weight of Our Dreams: On Living Racialized Autism.” It is the first ever anthology on race and autism. I am also a co-editor (along with Emily Paige Ballou and Sharon daVanport) of an anthology on autism, gender, and education that will be published in 2021. In addition to these books, I have also written chapters and/or excerpts for a few other books; on this page you can learn more about existing and upcoming books that I have contributed to.

Personal Blog

Although I have contributed to some books, the majority of my writing tends to be in other formats – namely blogging. I write about various topics on my personal blog “Just Being Me…Who Needs ‘Normalcy’ Anyway?” at this link; you are welcome to take a look if interested.

Other Writing

My writing also appears other places, including guest posts on other’s websites, articles/op eds, organizational statements, social media, and research and I have shared a link to my other writing for your review.  Thanks for your support of my first love, writing!