"I am here to open minds and to open hearts; to fill minds and to fill hearts; to change minds and to change hearts. That’s why I do what I do."

About Morénike’s


“Advocacy is in my blood, coursing through my veins… it is for me a way of life.”

Image is a picture of the cover of the book
Image is a pic of the book
Picture of the cover of the race and autism anthology

About Morénike’s


“Writing is my native language…when my fingers are on a keyboard, or screen, or writing utensil, the real me emerges so readily. I’m free.”

About Morénike’s


“I’m in my zone when I’m talking about and doing things that I am passionate about.”

Respectfully Connected

About Morénike’s


“The time to DO something is now, not later. Not only so that I can try to make things better for the future, but also so that I can lead by example.”