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Clarification Statement About #BoycottHUBlackAutism 2022

They say that if something happens frequently enough, perhaps instead of looking around for the source of the problem, you should consider looking inward. Maybe I’m just really obtuse…because in all honesty, the idea that I am truly the problem in some the majority of situations just doesn’t make sense to me. I’m being 100% …

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Royalty-free image is an analog clock with the phrase “Time for Accountability,” on it instead of numbers to designate the time of day.

Accountability, bridge-building, & seeking a “middle” path

It’s been a long day and my spoons are nearly depleted, but I want to write this, even if I do a poor job of conveying my intended message due to fatigue, because I fear if I postpone it there’s a possibility that I might not get back to it. So I’m asking for your …

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#SorryNotSorry: You Can Keep Your Nonpology

I script a lot, mostly in my head. It calms me. And it helps me process. It seems that there has always been a phrase, a quote, a song lyric that helps to capture what’s on my mind. People often fail me, but words seldom do. This one is easy. Comes from middle school lit …

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Disability Justice is Social Justice; Lean In

Cue the lights, cue the music. The video starts. A young lady with Down Syndrome stands on a grassy football field, her eyes glistening with tears that threaten to roll down her carefully made-up face as she is crowned Homecoming Queen to a chorus of thunderous applause. The next few minutes of the video are …

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I’m Nobody’s Token

“You’re not really supposed to be here,” she said. I was at the sink in the girls’ restroom washing my hands when the words shot out from behind me. I heard the words. I knew what they meant, but I didn’t know what they were supposed to mean. I turned around slowly, a little confused, …

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Will you fight with me?

(As an FYI, identical version is cross-posted on my advocacy blog [Advocacy Without Borders]; thanks!) In a LOT of ways I am a “minority.” A LOT. But in other ways, I also have a lot of privilege. I live in a resource-rich Western nation. I speak English. I have US citizenship. I am educated. I …

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Gratitude/Update (#NoGroupHome)

Not too long ago, I sent out a desperate plea for help. My family was (is) faced with one of the most difficult situations we’d ever encountered, and we did not have the means to handle it alone. (Many of you might be familiar with the situation; but for those who are not, this link will …

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Why I don’t like all of those “get off social media and into the real world” posts

By now we’ve all seen them. The videos, articles, posts, etc that declare how “fake” social media is and stating how important it is to interact with “real people” in the “real world.” Since we’re still in the middle of the “new year, new you” period, such posts are plentiful right now, but you can …

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