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An apology for (unintentional) misinformation

Per Lewicki, Lount, and Polin (2016), an effective apology has the following components:  An expression of regret; an explanation of what went wrong; an acknowledgment of responsibility; a declaration of repentance; an offer of repair; and a request for forgiveness Below I am offering my heartfelt apology according to these six elements. Apology In the …

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Second chances? Hell to the naw!

I’m one of those people who fail to respect their own boundaries. The type that falls prey to wishful thinking, to hopefulness, to forgiving too easily. I advise others not to do this, but I struggle to internalize this concept in my own life. So while I am not a big fan of “Do as …

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#SorryNotSorry: You Can Keep Your Nonpology

I script a lot, mostly in my head. It calms me. And it helps me process. It seems that there has always been a phrase, a quote, a song lyric that helps to capture what’s on my mind. People often fail me, but words seldom do. This one is easy. Comes from middle school lit …

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The Ableist = Me: an apology

I screwed up yesterday. I gave a presentation in front of hundreds of people last night, along with several of my colleagues. It mostly went pretty well. I was informative. I was candid. I was witty.  And I was ableist. I say this because I am a huge proponent of growing and changing. Learning how …

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I Lied to Them

I lied to them. Over two years ago when we finally brought them home, after all those years of bureaucracy and fighting to make it happen. They were finally home. Home. I wrapped my arms around them and told them this was their home. Their mom. Their dad. Their siblings. They’d never have to leave; …

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