Black Lives Matter

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You #StandWithCharleston, you say? Prove it.

Nine innocent lives were recently lost in #Charleston, South Carolina when a white supremacist entered a historically black church, was welcomed into an evening Bible study, and announced after an hour that he hated Black people and had came to kill the people who were there. He then opened fire, murdering clergy persons, college graduates, …

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Million Moms March Mother’s Day Tribute

Dearest mothers of the Million Moms March, As I write this I am currently in the air en route to Washington DC. In less than 24 hours, we will join together, arm in arm, hand in hand, to march on our nation’s capitol for the inaugural Million Moms March.  For months our volunteer team has …

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Good Cops Know That #BlackLivesMatter

I’m going to highlight a few “good cop” stories on social media this weekend. Feel free to join me. The bad ones get far more attention than the good ones, and I want to show the good ones some love. In a recent post about my daughter’s short disappearance at my son’s school, I briefly …

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Where is the faith community in the Ferguson response? (WWJD)

I’m actually not sure what (if anything) the faith community in my city and the faith community as a whole (outside of Missouri) is saying/doing COLLECTIVELY around Ferguson.  Or Eric Garner. Or any of it. I know that I’ve seen people of all races at local rallies (including some individual church groups), and I know …

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