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Clarification Statement About #BoycottHUBlackAutism 2022

They say that if something happens frequently enough, perhaps instead of looking around for the source of the problem, you should consider looking inward. Maybe I’m just really obtuse…because in all honesty, the idea that I am truly the problem in some the majority of situations just doesn’t make sense to me. I’m being 100% …

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"In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends." -MLK

The “silence of our ‘friends’” hurts my ears

What did MLK say exactly? Something like, “…in the end, what hurts the most is not the harmful words spoken by our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” I’m sure I completely botched the quote and truthfully right now Idgaf; this isn’t speech and rhetoric class. This is “real” “life” in 2020 America for …

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All of me: how do I know where blackness ends and neurodivergence begins?

Most of us have multiple identities. Few (actually, probably no) people in this world can claim a existence that’s purely homogeneous. We are all different in some way, and usually in several ways. However, there’s a pretty distinct difference in our perspectives and our experiences when our specific differences fall within marginalized and/or minority groups …

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You #StandWithCharleston, you say? Prove it.

Nine innocent lives were recently lost in #Charleston, South Carolina when a white supremacist entered a historically black church, was welcomed into an evening Bible study, and announced after an hour that he hated Black people and had came to kill the people who were there. He then opened fire, murdering clergy persons, college graduates, …

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Dear Ms. Ruby Bridges

(This is cross-posted at the “Advocacy Without Borders” blog as well, available here.) My six year old daughter came home with a book about Ruby Bridges today. At first I was taken aback. How on Earth do you make any sense of segregation and hatred to a child who knows nothing of that life…without making them self-conscious, fearful, …

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Attachment Parenting While Black and Autistic

(This post also appears on the “Respectfully Connected: Journeys in Parenting and Neurodivergence” blog HERE.) As much as I can, I avoid those types of offices when my younger children are with me. You know the type: quiet, sterile, not child friendly. Offices where food, drinks, and/or electronic devices are not allowed and where a security …

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