#SorryNotSorry: You Can Keep Your Nonpology

I script a lot, mostly in my head. It calms me. And it helps me process. It seems that there has always been a phrase, a quote, a song lyric that helps to capture what’s on my mind. People often fail me, but words seldom do. This one is easy. Comes from middle school lit …

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Why I Cried On World AIDS Day This Year

I don’t usually cry on World AIDS Day. But this year I did. I’ll explain why. About a month and a half ago I was informed of a mandatory full-day statewide meeting that I and other faculty members in my division would need to attend. I was really bummed when I learned of it…because it …

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Gone too soon: Missing Sandy, Channing, Gene, Charles, Sharon, and Uncle

There’s been too much death lately.  The hashtags and the “Pray for ______________” slogans have all began to run together in my head. Another bombing, stabbing, shooting…and more lost lives. While the rest of us mourn for a few days/weeks and then resume our lives as they were before the latest tragedy, some people’s lives …

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Will you fight with me?

(As an FYI, identical version is cross-posted on my advocacy blog [Advocacy Without Borders]; thanks!) In a LOT of ways I am a “minority.” A LOT. But in other ways, I also have a lot of privilege. I live in a resource-rich Western nation. I speak English. I have US citizenship. I am educated. I …

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Gratitude/Update (#NoGroupHome)

Not too long ago, I sent out a desperate plea for help. My family was (is) faced with one of the most difficult situations we’d ever encountered, and we did not have the means to handle it alone. (Many of you might be familiar with the situation; but for those who are not, this link will …

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Heartfelt thanks & slight update

Dearest friends, (I hope you all don’t mind a blog post as an update.  I know it’s not the same as responding to people individually, but it’s all I am able to manage right now. I hope you can all “feel” my heart through my words.) When I tentatively rejoined/reconnected with the “real world” today …

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Standing Tall

In March of this year, a US federal budget was released proposing the October 1st elimination of a program called Ryan White Part D. This program provides family-centered healthcare for ~90,000 US women, infants, children, and teens affected by HIV. As part of a family that would be directly harmed by these changes, I engaged …

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