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Inclusive Communication Resources

Clarification on the term “neutral” Neutral Definition & Meaning – Merriam-Webster Neutral Definition and Examples – Biology Online Dictionary Neutral Definition & Meaning | Britannica Dictionary Various NIH Guidelines for language, terminology, and communication Autism | National Institutes of Health (NIH) Person-first and Destigmatizing Language | National Institutes of Health (NIH) Disabilities | National Institutes …

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Support > neutrality: a real-life case study

This article pertains to a specific (past) situation that may or may not be familiar, or even relevant, to some readers who are viewing this. I do think the overall concept is of merit, which is why I will leave this up long after the matter has become “yesterday’s news.” I feel that it provides …

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An apology for (unintentional) misinformation

Per Lewicki, Lount, and Polin (2016), an effective apology has the following components:  An expression of regret; an explanation of what went wrong; an acknowledgment of responsibility; a declaration of repentance; an offer of repair; and a request for forgiveness Below I am offering my heartfelt apology according to these six elements. Apology In the …

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Accountability, bridge-building, & seeking a “middle” path

It’s been a long day and my spoons are nearly depleted, but I want to write this, even if I do a poor job of conveying my intended message due to fatigue, because I fear if I postpone it there’s a possibility that I might not get back to it. So I’m asking for your …

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Let’s hope they don’t kick me off: these IACC public comments though…

So…I was recently appointed to the IACC, which is the federal advisory board that handles important autism-related matters at the national level. There were ~40-ish? people appointed in total, including 23 public members…and a full EIGHT of us public members are autistic! I am beyond grateful to have an opportunity to serve my community in …

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Leaving the Matrix

I was recently part of a coalition that issued an Open Letter (penned by Cal Montgomery and I) and a follow up Memo (which had several co-authors, including many who opted to remain anonymous). The purpose of the Open Letter and the Memo was to make positive changes within the autistic community (and in this …

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Second chances? Hell to the naw!

I’m one of those people who fail to respect their own boundaries. The type that falls prey to wishful thinking, to hopefulness, to forgiving too easily. I advise others not to do this, but I struggle to internalize this concept in my own life. So while I am not a big fan of “Do as …

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Twelve Days

My mother told me that when I was a baby/toddler, I had a fascination with the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” I used to script it constantly, singing it at socially inappropriate volumes (i.e. extremely loudly) in public places as well as at home – even when it was nowhere near Christmastime/winter. Another mother …

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#SorryNotSorry: You Can Keep Your Nonpology

I script a lot, mostly in my head. It calms me. And it helps me process. It seems that there has always been a phrase, a quote, a song lyric that helps to capture what’s on my mind. People often fail me, but words seldom do. This one is easy. Comes from middle school lit …

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