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Accountability, bridge-building, & seeking a “middle” path

It’s been a long day and my spoons are nearly depleted, but I want to write this, even if I do a poor job of conveying my intended message due to fatigue, because I fear if I postpone it there’s a possibility that I might not get back to it. So I’m asking for your …

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Accentuating the Positive

Life can be extremely unpredictable, especially mine. At times, particularly when I’m overwhelmed or experiencing intense challenges, it can be hard to focus on anything other than the current storm. I think that’s a natural part of the human psyche – at least for me. And though it is likely to be uncomfortable to do, …

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Treading Land, Water, Sky, Life, Loss

Like the amphibian Too much time on land fatigues me Depletes me of life-sustaining nutrients Sucks me dry And sends me on a desperate retreat Back to the waters Where I can submerge myself In what is familiar Fluid, quiet, safe. I can somnambulate beneath the surface Removed from land’s sounds, sights, smells I can …

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