parenting while black

Black Lives Matter??? The Day After (#WalterScott)

Only slept an hour last night. Couldn’t stop thinking about life, death, race, gender, violence, deceit, corruption. About #WalterScott. About everything. I had “the talk” with my kids this morning in the car. Not the “birds and the bees” talk. The “how to stay alive because you’re black and therefore a threat” talk. Don’t wear …

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So…that sucked.

Hi everyone. It happened. It was horrible. And it’s going to happen again, soon (date not yet confirmed).  It was NOT what I expected; it was WORSE.  I have a headache from endless crying, but I think I needed to get it out. I was sad. Now I’m mad. I’m mad because the truth is …

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“Don’t let them be Autistic…” #AutismIsNotACrime Flash Blog post

Though I am not a regular blogger, I learned about the “Autism is Not a Crime” flash blog being hosted by Gretchen Leary (described here), and I wanted to support my community by participating (some additional great information available here).  I don’t know how good this will be given that I’m throwing it together, but …

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