Shattered beyond repair

I’m tired.  So tired. So, so very tired. I pray that I will have the “wherewith-all” (that is SUCH a strange word) to clearly convey the subterraneous depths of despair that I am currently and for some time been dwelling in. Right now I don’t think that I do. This probably isn’t “professional.” It’s probably …

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"In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends." -MLK

The “silence of our ‘friends’” hurts my ears

What did MLK say exactly? Something like, “…in the end, what hurts the most is not the harmful words spoken by our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” I’m sure I completely botched the quote and truthfully right now Idgaf; this isn’t speech and rhetoric class. This is “real” “life” in 2020 America for …

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The treacherous journey from foster to future

The real “f” word is not the four letter one.  It is a word that appears benign But in actuality is far more profane than the other. It’s a six letter “f” word. You probably know it… “Foster.” As in “foster” child. Image is a graphic that describes many troubling statistics of children in US …

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You #StandWithCharleston, you say? Prove it.

Nine innocent lives were recently lost in #Charleston, South Carolina when a white supremacist entered a historically black church, was welcomed into an evening Bible study, and announced after an hour that he hated Black people and had came to kill the people who were there. He then opened fire, murdering clergy persons, college graduates, …

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A Year After: Remembering Elisha Henson

When my kids were younger, I often sang to them to put them to sleep. I am not a fan of most lullabies (babies falling out of cradles? Really?), so the songs I usually sang to them were worship songs and/or R&B or pop songs. Often the lyrics had to be modified a bit, but …

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#OurThreeWinners Died Because of Hate

This is going to be a very short post. Not because there isn’t a great deal to say about the three young individuals in Chapel Hill who were senselessly profiled and murdered for their Muslim faith – there is plenty than can be said. It is going to be short because it thoroughly disgusts me …

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I have blogged more over the past few weeks than I typically blog in a year. Some people are “stress eaters.” I wonder if I’m a “stress blogger?” I hope to break that habit; I don’t want to blog only when something is wrong. But…something IS wrong. Around 4:00 PM today I learned that 6 …

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Advocacy efforts for an undeserved death

(FYI, this post on my personal blog is identical to a post with the same name that I published on my advocacy blog:, and it has also been featured on the Positive Women’s Network-USA’s website, available for viewing here.) Greetings everyone, Perhaps you are aware of the tragic May 2014 murder of Elisha Henson, a …

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