Doctoral Thesis

The process of acquiring my doctorate has been both rewarding and challenging; both invigorating and soul-sucking; both awe-inspiring and humbling; both “labor of love” and seemingly insurmountable barrier. As I write these words, I am still very much in the process, though at this point I am beginning to catch a glimpse of the horizon. I am committed to demonstrating not only the plausibility, but also the immense importance of integrating practice, art, scholarship, activism, and technology as opposed to subjugating them to arbitrary siloes where, like parallel lines, they technically coexist but never truly connect. Nope. That’s not who I am and what I’m about, and as a result, though perhaps no one but my mama might read this, I’m placing it (“it” being my doctoral thesis, also referred to by some as a dissertation) right here where the rest of my work and writing lives: on my website. Right now since the thesis is still in progress, this page is but a placeholder for it, but soon(!!!) I will have the whole loooong thing up here for anyone who wishes to view it. In addition to PDFs of the content, I also hope to create some additional resources to make it accessible to others. My ideas so far include a website where I hope to essentially “mirror” the content so people don’t have to scroll through nearly 300 pages of a scanned PDF. I also hope to create a plain/layperson language version, though I’m not exactly sure yet how that will look as I’m mulling over a few ideas. I also want to scan the PDFs in chucks (i.e. by chapter and/or section) so there’s less to have to scroll through at once. I don’t know if I will ever have the spoons to create an audio version as I just can’t foresee myself being able to talk that long and that much…I think before I was even halfway through I would tire of my own voice, lol! However, maybe others’ voices could be used as opposed to mine. Hmm…I’ll give it some thought. But for the meantime…welcome to what shall be the future home of what some consider an individual’s modus operandi: my doctoral thesis, entitled: Bringing Fire to the People.

Update: Feel free to review it on ProQuest: