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Who is this Morénike person, anyway? (5 links)

Can you provide additional info about relevant issues that are important? (7 links)

Various neurodiversity links (dispelling falsehoods; research & treatment perspectives): 

How could someone find/follow you/your work? (5 links)

Lots of places! Here are a few:

What neurodiversity resources might help a parent of a newly diagnosed child? (7 links)

What resources might be helpful in general (for everyone, not just new parents)?

Autism and/or cross-disability links (12 links):

Why the puzzle piece is a controversial autism symbol (4 links):

Various links related to neurodiversity and nonspeaking autistic individuals (13 links):

Can you speak/consult/write for me free of charge?


Can I purchase one of your books?

Heck to the YESSSS! Thank you for your support. Check out the links to My Books for info, including links to purchase if desired.

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Please do, and THANK YOU so much for your generosity! Here’s the donations page: