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Inclusive Communication Resources

Clarification on the term “neutral”

Various NIH Guidelines for language, terminology, and communication

Several reputable existing language guidelines

  1. CDC Health Equity Guiding Principles for Inclusive Health Communications
  2. NIAID Language Guides
  3. National Council on Disability & Journalism Disability Language Style Guide
  4. United Nations Abridged Disability Inclusive Language Guidelines
  5. United Nations (All) Disability-Inclusive Communications Guidelines
  6. Lurie Institute for Disability Policy Inclusive Language Usage Guide
  7. Guidelines for Writing About People With Disabilities | ADA National Network
  8. Sticks and Stones” … and Words CAN Hurt: Eliminating Handicapping Language (1997)
  9. APA Guide: Choosing Words for Talking About Disability
  10. UN Relief and Works Agency Disability Toolkit | UNRWA
  11. Elsevier Author Guidelines for Research in Developmental Disabilities
  12. Stanford Disability Language Guide
  13. Special Olympics Terminology Guidelines
  14. Guidelines for Discussing People with Disabilities – Reeve Foundation
  15. APA Bias-Free Language Guide
  16. APA Inclusive Language Guide