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New year; new location!

Happy New Year! I’ve been blogging since ~2013 on my personal blog, Just Being Me…Who Needs ‘Normalcy” Anyway? It was originally a free Blogspot site (which later became a Blogger site, and then part of Google, but that’s probably tangential). I started blogging to have a place of my own where I could to express my thoughts and ideas openly. Even though I don’t blog as frequently as I initially did, I intend to continue sharing my voice through my writing, including my blog – which I have now relocated to my primary MorenikeGO website.

I will maintain the posts that were published on my old blog, but I hope to relocate them here when time permits. In the interim, if you are looking for anything that I have written on my personal blog between 2013-2019, please visit my blog on the old Blogspot site. To read any new blog posts written after 2019, you’re in the right place. Thanks for stopping by!