Current & future charitable and related writing projects

Through my nonprofit organization Advocacy Without Borders, which is one of the areas of my work with the community, I have several charitable endeavors that I hope to launch. Of note, this year I aspire to begin the process of developing an ongoing series of books whose primary purpose will be to raise funds for humanitarian endeavors. I have several ideas and would welcome collaborators and/or sponsorship to one day bring these projects to life. It is my desire to offer some materials that are fully open source/free to the public; others will have a cost associated but will still be firmly non-profit and mission driven as I plan for 50% or more of proceeds to be utilized to directly support the critical, on-the-ground work of community groups and non-profits who are working with various marginalized groups, including abuse survivors, youth, racial and gender minorities, and people with various disabilities, including autism and HIV. 

If you would like to learn more about how to support these (and/or other) projects, please CONTACT US!