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Advocacy Without Borders is a small initiative and labor of love that I began several years ago – it launched on my birthday! It is a 501c3 charitable nonprofit organization designed to encourage “lay person” advocacy among people of all ages. Many people are hesitant to engage in advocacy (for themselves as well as for others) because they assume a certain skill set is needed or that they lack the time and resources they feel are necessary to be effective. However, they are wrong! Anyone can be an advocate. Anyone. There is no “right” way to do it; all it takes is the desire. Our mission is to encourage ALL people to make a difference…regardless of their differences. Advocacy Without Borders exists because ALL voices matter, and because all people deserve an opportunity to strive for growth and change. Affirming that “stakeholders,” “clients,” “self-advocates,” etc. should be actively engaged in our own movements, we promote social justice via collaborative partnerships (where allies are valued not above, but alongside those for whom they advocate), education and community engagement. We strive to be an inclusive, cohesive community that welcomes all who support our cause. Our website is http://AdvocacyWithoutBorders.org and our LinkedIn page is https://www.linkedin.com/company/AdvocacyWithoutBorders