I am gradually developing a list of various resources that I think might be of interest to those who visit my site. In several cases, if there is someone who has already curated a suitable group of resources, I will openly credit and share theirs rather than “recreating” it. In other instances, I will share my own individually and/or collaboratively created resource items.

For educational, person, charitable and/or related purposes, you are welcome to utilize and/or share the materials I have provided, no permission needed. Please give the proper attribution when doing so; don’t be a jerk and deceitfully pass it off as your own. And absolutely do not use the intellectual and/or creative property of others – myself included – for your own financial gain – unless you have permission. 

General Resources for Access & Inclusion




People of Color and Disability



People of Color and Mental Health

(These ^ resources are also provided on a separate resource page.)


HIV Stigma



Autism (and a little bit of Neurodiversity)



Additional topics as well as additional resources for the existing topics are forthcoming; this is a “living” list that I plan to update as I can.