Speaking/Training (& Consulting)

Inspiring Change Through Authenticity

If anyone had ever told Mr. Player, my high school speech communications teacher, that I would one day become an international public speaker and trainer/consultant, I think he would have probably laughed in your face…and I know that I would have! I’m an extreme introvert aside from being a person with a disability in social communication. But life is funny like that sometimes…and here I am. I regularly give presentations and/or develop and provide training for (both in-person and virtual) universities, organizations, libraries, parent groups, schools, researchers, etc. The topics as well as the type of presentation varies from keynote addresses, speeches, panels, individual or group workshops, webinars, podcasts, video conferencing, etc.

In the spirit of transparency, I am not a person who follows “conventional” public speaking “rules.” Whether I am speaking in front of ten people or a thousand, I speak from the heart. And whether I’m a guest speaker for a classroom in a local school district or a keynote for an international conference, I’m going to be me. Which means that though I am devoted to giving you my best work and ensuring that it is accurate, credible, “evidence-informed” (when possible/appropriate), and hopefully also engaging, I still have to be authentic Morénike while I’m on stage (or on a podcast, interview, or whatever).

So that means I might incorporate one of my special interests into my material; or I might wear noise canceling headphones and/or sunglasses while presenting; I might cosplay (unless explicitly asked not to); I will most likely have some sort of stimming tool/fidget device with me (it might be a discreet, small one embedded in my fist that’s invisible to the audience…or it might be something wearable that I will only touch as needed); I will probably use fillers such as “um,” or “like,” or “you know,” while speaking; I might not make eye contact with your audience…etc. (as you can see in this short Project Mistag clip of me HERE.).

Although I personalize my content and delivery for each audience, there are certain areas where I have a depth of knowledge/experience/interest, so those tend to make up the bulk of my presentations/keynotes/workshops.  Some of the main topics that I present on are autism, disability, HIV, community engagement, intersectionality, adoption, neurodiversity, education, race, gender, research and treatment advocacy, parenting, intimate partner violence, mental health, trauma, multiculturalism, attachment, advocacy, and leadership, but I am open to other topics…try me!

If I don’t feel that I am well-suited for what you are requesting, I will be candid about that – and will most likely recommend another colleague that might be a better choice; I will not accept an invitation to present if I don’t think I will be able to do a good job. (If you’re interested in booking me, please fill out the contact form!)

You are welcome to review past speaking engagements, panels, etc. I have been part of via the links below. For the would-be plagiarizers out there, please do note that my content is copyrighted, and give me my roses (credit me) accordingly. 

Link: YouTube playlist of various clips featuring me and/or my work (~50 links)

Link:  Main page of my (mostly neglected, but technically existing) YouTube channel (there are more video options for you to review in the playlist above)