Other Writing

Below are links to some of the writing (outside of my personal blog) that I have written or co-written over the last five years or so. (I am working on updating some of the links as I recognize a few of them have changed; those are noted with an *.)

Other Writing: 2020 to present

My doctoral thesis “Bringing Fire” to the People

Rise Above COVID: Advocating for Inclusion and Social Justice

In This Together: National Black HIV Awareness Day

I, Too, Sing Neurodiversity

“They Don’t Know, Don’t Show, or Don’t Care” – Autism’s White Privilege Problem

Women’s HIV Research Collaborative Solidarity Statement with Black Communities

Neurodiverse Event Access Guide

National Women and Girls HIV/Awareness Day 2020 

Other Writing: 2018 and 2019

From Feeling Powerless to Owning My Own Power

*Just the Way You Are (My Nephew, P)

*The Lady on the Plane

Stay the Course; the Fight is Not Over! National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

Another Autism Awareness Month is Almost Here. Yay.

Beyond Awareness: A Rallying Cry for Acceptance and Inclusion

AWN Statement on Families Belong Together

AWN Statement on the Santa Fe School Shooting

Other Writing: 2017

*Am I Mom Enough? Voices in My Head

What’s in a Name? Understanding the Significance of Changing AIDS.gov to HIV.gov

*Thoughts on Juneteenth, Autistic Pride, and Freedom

*Breaking the Bough/the Lie They Told Kai

Thoughts on Women, Girls, HIV…and Funding for National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

*The Joy of Parallel Playdates

No Quiet Waters

ACTG Memo to SASC re A5263 Proposed Closure 

Other Writing: 2016

*Screw Your IQ Test. You Will NOT Limit My Son

ACTG Network Meeting: A Community Overview

Accept All of Us

Access, Equity, Rights…NOW!

HIV #LanguageMatters: Addressing Stigma by Using Preferred Language

*The Rose of Sharon: A Tribute to Sharon Maxwell Henkel

Other Writing: 2015

To the Man in the Barbershop Who Called My Autistic Son a ‘Sissy’

Why I Decided to ‘Come Out’ of the Autism Closet

To the Woman Who Wants to Pray Autism Away

Why I’m Marching

*Our Parenting Journey

Autism Positivity

AWN Statement on the Mass Shooting at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina

Save Ryan White Part D Public Comment

Time After Time

*Our Neurodivergent Family’s Valentine’s Day

When Ignorance Kills, Nobody Wins, PWN-USA

*About Passing Privilege and Being Autistic

Autism, Therapies, and Acceptance: A Mother’s Perspective

So…About Families Living With HIV (Like Mine)

Other Writing: 2014 or earlier

Texas Advocates Respond to a Young Woman’s HIV-Related Murder

OutSmart Magazine

Guest Post Cracked Mirror Blog

Walk in Issy’s Shoes

Almost Killed Because of HIV

Speaking Truth to Power

Educate Sesame

I Am Not Kelli Stapleton Flashblog

Save Ryan White Part D Flashblog

On the Pros and Cons of Public Disclosure of Private Information (Intersected Blog)

Justice for All Flashblog Guest Post

*ACTG Handbook: Recruitment and Retention of Women in HIV Clinical Trials: A Guidebook of Best Practices

Other Writing: Various Dates or Ongoing


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