Other Writing


Below are links to some of the writing (outside of my personal blog) that I have written or co-written over the last five years or so. (I am working on updating some of the links as I recognize a few of them have changed; those are noted with an *.)


Other Writing: Various Dates or Ongoing


Respectfully Connected


Other Writing: 2020 and 2021

In This Together: National Black HIV Awareness Day

I, Too, Sing Neurodiversity

“They Don’t Know, Don’t Show, or Don’t Care” – Autism’s White Privilege Problem

Women’s HIV Research Collaborative Solidarity Statement with Black Communities

Neurodiverse Event Access Guide

National Women and Girls HIV/Awareness Day 2020 


Other Writing: 2018 and 2019

From Feeling Powerless to Owning My Own Power

Just the Way You Are (My Nephew, P)

The Lady on the Plane

Stay the Course; the Fight is Not Over! National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

Another Autism Awareness Month is Almost Here. Yay.

Beyond Awareness: A Rallying Cry for Acceptance and Inclusion

AWN Statement on Families Belong Together

AWN Statement on the Santa Fe School Shooting


Other Writing: 2017

Am I Mom Enough? Voices in My Head

What’s in a Name? Understanding the Significance of Changing AIDS.gov to HIV.gov

Thoughts on Juneteenth, Autistic Pride, and Freedom

Breaking the Bough/the Lie They Told Kai

Thoughts on Women, Girls, HIV…and Funding for National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

The Joy of Parallel Playdates

No Quiet Waters

ACTG Memo to SASC re A5263 Proposed Closure 


Other Writing: 2016

Screw Your IQ Test. You Will NOT Limit My Son

ACTG Network Meeting: A Community Overview

Accept All of Us

Access, Equity, Rights…NOW!

HIV #LanguageMatters: Addressing Stigma by Using Preferred Language

*The Rose of Sharon: A Tribute to Sharon Maxwell Henkel


Other Writing: 2015

To the Man in the Barbershop Who Called My Autistic Son a ‘Sissy’

Why I Decided to ‘Come Out’ of the Autism Closet

To the Woman Who Wants to Pray Autism Away

Why I’m Marching

Our Parenting Journey

Autism Positivity

AWN Statement on the Mass Shooting at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina

Save Ryan White Part D Public Comment

Time After Time

Our Neurodivergent Family’s Valentine’s Day

When Ignorance Kills, Nobody Wins, PWN-USA

About Passing Privilege and Being Autistic

Autism, Therapies, and Acceptance: A Mother’s Perspective

So…About Families Living With HIV (Like Mine)


Other Writing: 2014 or earlier

Texas Advocates Respond to a Young Woman’s HIV-Related Murder

OutSmart Magazine

Guest Post Cracked Mirror Blog

Walk in Issy’s Shoes

Almost Killed Because of HIV

Speaking Truth to Power

Educate Sesame

I Am Not Kelli Stapleton Flashblog

Save Ryan White Part D Flashblog

On the Pros and Cons of Public Disclosure of Private Information (Intersected Blog)

Justice for All Flashblog Guest Post

*ACTG Handbook: Recruitment and Retention of Women in HIV Clinical Trials: A Guidebook of Best Practices






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